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There are many things that set Pick Fit apart from your typical ‘gym’.  Number one is we don’t have customers, we have clients.  To us, clients are partners in our business, a vested party and a respected part of Pick Fit.  We listen to what’s important to you and what you want to accomplish.  From there we coach you to those goals and aspirations. We are not out to sell you things that you don’t’ need. We are here to provide you with solutions that work for you. We are very proud to say that we have many clients and we have  ZERO customers. We are quite happy with that, and we are sure you will be too!

Our proven training methods will help you reach your goals

If you’ve struggled with fad diets and workout routines, only to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, Pick Fit is for you! Take a moment to read this page to find out what we can do for you.

Let us help you…

  • Reach your goals safely and effectively
  • Work out in a comfortable enviromment
  • Have fun and get in great shape!


Get the results you’ve been looking for

Have you tried dieting and working out, only to be let down? Do you have trouble dragging yourself to the gym every day?

Our programs are designed, whether you’re a competitive athlete or aspiring to be the most awesome you can be, for you to be able to achieve your objectives.  A combination of education, motivation and common sense approach to making it happen and keeping it sustainable are the major components of  helping you finally achieve success in your fitness and wellness.

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Our Fitness Formula

Our unique training approach will ensure that you make progress and see results – safely and effectively. We have developed methods that engages your neuromuscular system, challenges your coordination and ensures that your body is doing its best with every movement. Whether the goal is weight loss, performance enhancement, or just simply feeling better and living pain-free, we can help you achieve your objectives.

Our highly experienced trainers can help you with what you need in between workouts as well to allow you to reach your goals faster. After all, you spend more time doing everything else in your life than you do training. Of course, nutrition is a big part of getting fit, and you absolutely can’t ignore it! We have great solutions to help you stay on the right track.

If working out on your own hasn’t produced the type of results you need, that’s why we’re here. Come find out for yourself why Pick Fit is different from anywhere else!